About Us

Exxon Lighting Corporation was founded to bring the most advanced LED lighting technology to municipal, commercial and industrial environments.  LED lighting products provide crisp, bright, high quality light ideal for all lighting requirements as well as provide significant energy savings.  LED lighting can provide energy savings of 50 - 80% over conventional bulbs as well as providing significantly longer life.  

LED bulbs can run up to 60,000 hours of continuous use; 50 times longer than incandescent and 10 times a fluorescent which results in lower labor costs as they do not have to be constantly replaced.  LED lights replace incandescent and fluorescent technology which has been with us since the early 1900's and does so without harmful mercury which will eventually end up in the water supply from improper disposal.

LED lighting provides high color rendering and creates daylight indoors making this technology ideal for retail environments to show off products and merchandise for the best effect.  Another significant benefit is that LED lights do not produce heat and will produce a positive benefit in lower air conditioning costs as well as slashing Co2 emissions.  In supermarket display cases, fluorescent bulbs produce heat and lose 30% of their light in cold operating conditions. LED replacement bulbs produce no heat and can operate in colder conditions without losing any of their light.  LED lights can also be dimmable, allowing for lower power consumption during off peak hours.

The impact that LED lighting can have on our present and future energy cost is significant.  If we can fully embrace this technology, we can eliminate the need for building new power plants

What we can do with LED lighting technology is only limited by our imagination.  Please contact us with any and all of your questions.