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New LED streetlights better, greener
PGE launches two-year conversion project this month.
Soon, you’ll notice better-quality lighting on many streets in our area.

Beginning this month, we’re switching out cobra-head style, high-pressure sodium streetlights for energy-efficient light-emitting diode models. This newer technology is more sustainable, cost-effective and provides better quality light.

In communities where PGE owns the streetlights, most will be switched to LEDs by the end of 2014.

For drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, the difference will be easy to see. Compared to the yellowish light of the old streetlights, LED streetlights provide truer, more even light and improved nighttime visibility. They are also dark-sky friendly.

View before and after photos to see the difference with LED streetlights. (PDF)

Greener communities
The change will also help cities and counties reduce their carbon footprint in several ways:

  • Energy savings — LEDs use 60 to 70 percent less energy than typical neighborhood streetlights, so municipalities can expect to see a reduction in their electricity use.
  • Longer life — LED streetlights are projected to last more than four times longer than current streetlights lamps. That means fewer outages and fewer repair trips.
  • Recyclable — LED streetlight components are recyclable. Current streetlights have components that are not recyclable and include unsustainable substances, such as mercury.

Some cities own their streetlights
Cities and counties that own their own streetlights can choose if and when to convert, either on their own or in partnership with PGE.

What about area lights?
PGE-owned area lights were not included in the conversion at this time. Because area lights are so dispersed throughout our service territory, installation costs are not as economical as converting streetlights.

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